Most powerful Raja Yoga astrology in Hindi

Most powerful Raja Yoga astrology in Hindi Where there is conflict at every step in life, some people take birth in a horoscope such that their whole life goes through comfort, governance and grace. It is said most only for such people that they are {856963} born with Raja Yoga. Often such people are not short of money and success goes with them wherever they step. Not only this, their personality is also very influential and people keep getting tied up in their memory.

According to, apart from happiness and prosperity, who has great power, power and whose orders are obeyed by people, he is a type of Raja Yoga. Raja Yoga is the king of all yogas. Raja Yoga is duly interpreted in the horoscope. By the way, there are 32 types of Raja Yoga in astrology. Usually, these 32 Yogas are not found together in any horoscope. If all these are found then Jataka Chakravarti is world victorious king. Most powerful Raja Yoga astrology in Hindi

When the lord of 6th, 8th and 12th house is situated in this house in the horoscope then it becomes Raja Yoga. Such a person {52636} adorns the high office of politics and {5639} administration. The planet from which Neechbhang Raja Yoga is made, a person is a king in the field of that planet. A child born in a very simple family can also become a world class due to this yoga.

Most powerful Raja Yoga astrology in Hindi

Gajkesari yoga: Gajakesari yoga is formed when the Moon is centered in the center or both together. Gajakesari is a great Raja Yoga. Such a person does some big work in life. He is a scholar and attains wealth, rank and prestige.
At the time of birth, the planet which is in the lower zodiac or the lord of that zodiac or the lord of its higher zodiac is in the lagna or in the center from the moon, then such a person is a king.

If the lord of lagna, pancham and navam are in each other’s house then such a person is a king.

The person who has auspicious planets in the lagna, fifth and ninth also gets Raja Yoga. Raj Yog is formed even when many auspicious planets are sitting together in the eleventh house. If the house of the triangle is self-respecting or higher then such a person earns a lot of money in life and performs many religious works.

When many Prime Ministers of India and foreign countries are big leaders, Cancer ascendant.
Venus also creates Raja Yoga. For popularity and {42635} success in film and music, strong Venus is {63596} very important. For this, it is necessary that Venus is in the center, is in the form of swarashi, is in a triangle and is situated in Libra or Taurus. If in its higher zodiac center or triangle, such a person makes a name globally in art, film, music and literature.