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खोया प्यार पाए, प्रेम विवाह, शादी मे समस्या, पति पत्नी मे अनबन ,सौतन से छुटकारा ,पारिवारिक समस्या, किया कराया, खिलाया पिलाया, वीजा आदि !


About Astrologer Molvi Majeed Khan

We offer wide range of astrological services such as Love Back Solution & Love Marriage Specialist. These services are rendered by some of the most experienced world famous astrologer in the city with most satisfactory results. Under the leadership of Molvi Majeed Khan, provides most effective astrological services to provide relief in the life of our customers. For the customers who have failed in their love life and have completely lost faith in themselves, we are here to get your precious love back in your life.
Let it be any problem of life related to Late Marriage, Love Affairs, Career, Business, Health, Study, Foreign Trip, etc. I provide the transparent and effective advice to overcome or handle difficult situations in life by using my horoscope analysing skills and experience. I only believe in the best quality of the consultation.
You can fix direct face to face appointment with Molvi Majeed Khan, you just have to book an appointment through calling of mobile Number +91-6375750943. Timings for the appointment bookings are 24×7. Telephonic & Whats App chat consulting is also available for those clients who are not able to come for face-to-face consultation. You can also contact us on Whats App and take the consultation at your convenient time.

how to can solving my problem solution

how to can solving my problem solution

how to can solving my problem solution We are going to tell you something about classical science that has been going on since ancient times. Classical learning is a science that has been going on since ancient times, hardly anyone can understand Shiva Shakti Vishnu in Hindu gods till date. Ganesha and Surya are considered to be the five major, their worship is called Shiva Shakti Vaishnav Ganapati and Surya in order. Tantra worship is prevalent among the devotees of these 5 deities, however most of the worshipers of Vishnu Ganesha and Surya, and worshipers of Shiva and Shakti, Satvik. Rajasik Tamasic is found to believe in all three types of worship practices how to can solving my problem solution

अपने प्यार को पाने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

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Love marriage is: – You started feeling that the life of love marriage is getting difficult? And my life is also getting worse and worse, so let me ask you a question, how will the life of those who have neither money nor food to eat or think about those who are disabled and many types Think of those children who have been slowed down by diseases, who do not even have a single meal of bread to eat, then understand how your life is. Understand your life that I am not happy, then it is your fault on you. Depends if there is some problem in your life, there is definitely a solution to it, you can take a solution from us. how to can solving my problem solution

how to can solving my problem solution

प्राचीन समय से चलती आ रही है शास्त्रीय विद्या के बारे में आज हम आपको कुछ बताने जा रहे हैं शास्त्रीय विद्या प्राचीन समय से चलती आ रही एक ऐसी विद्या है जिसे आज तक शायद ही कोई पूर्ण रूप से समझ पाया हो हिंदू देवताओं में शिव शक्ति विष्णु गणेश तथा सूर्य यह पांच प्रमुख माने जाते हैं इनके उपास को को क्रम से शिव शक्ति वैष्णव गणपति तथा सूर्य कहा जाता है तंत्र उपासना इन 5 देवताओं के भक्तों में प्रचलित है तथापि विष्णु गणेश एवं सूर्य के अधिकांश उपासक साहित्य तथा शिव और शक्ति के उपासक सात्विक राजसिक तामसिक इन तीनों प्रकार की उपासना पद्धतियों में विश्वास रखने वाले पाए जाते हैं how to can solving my problem solution

प्रेम विवाह है :- प्रेम विवाह की लाइफ आपको लगने लगे कि यह मुश्किल होती जा रही है ? और मेरा जीना भी बद से बदतर होता जा रहा है तो मैं आपसे एक सवाल पूछूं कि उन लोगों की लाइफ कैसी होगी जिनके पास ना तो पैसा है और ना ही खाने के लिए खाना है या उनके बारे में सोचो जो विकलांग है और कई प्रकार की बीमारियों से धीरे हुए हैं उन बच्चों के बारे में सोचो जिनके पास खाने के लिए एक वक्त की रोटी भी नहीं है तो समझ जाओ कि आपकी लाइफ कैसी है अपनी लाइफ को यह समझ लेना कि मैं खुशी नहीं है तो यह आपकी भूल है आप ही पर डिपेंड करता है अगर आपकी लाइफ में कुछ प्रॉब्लम है इसका समाधान भी जरूर है आप हम से समस्या समाधान ले सकते हो

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