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About Astrologer Molvi Majeed Khan

We offer wide range of astrological services such as Love Back Solution & Love Marriage Specialist. These services are rendered by some of the most experienced world famous astrologer in the city with most satisfactory results. Under the leadership of Molvi Majeed Khan, provides most effective astrological services to provide relief in the life of our customers. For the customers who have failed in their love life and have completely lost faith in themselves, we are here to get your precious love back in your life.
Let it be any problem of life related to Late Marriage, Love Affairs, Career, Business, Health, Study, Foreign Trip, etc. I provide the transparent and effective advice to overcome or handle difficult situations in life by using my horoscope analysing skills and experience. I only believe in the best quality of the consultation.
You can fix direct face to face appointment with Molvi Majeed Khan, you just have to book an appointment through calling of mobile Number +91-6375750943. Timings for the appointment bookings are 24×7. Telephonic & Whats App chat consulting is also available for those clients who are not able to come for face-to-face consultation. You can also contact us on Whats App and take the consultation at your convenient time.

Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful Marriage problem experts can give you many solutions that will help you in achieving your relationship in a positive way and you will be happy in your future existence with your partner.

When two people experience passionate feelings for each other and choose to spend their time together, that marriage is called love marriage. Anyway, in order to marry each other, lovers need to manage a wide variety of problems such as religion, parental conflicts, etc. If you get stuck in such a situation, a marriage problem solution will take care of you. Can do. You can meet our expert He is a famous and experienced love problem expert. He can assist you with a suitable love marriage problem solution. Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

Regardless of how knowledgeable or wealthy you are in relation to marriage, a large section of individuals constantly needs to know that their child wants to live within his or her own caste. This problem of inter-caste marriages has been going on for a long time. Yet such things are dynamic in the general public. Individuals never lean towards their youth to live in any other race or you could say that interracial marriage is not allowed. This makes today’s couple seek help. He is that love problem expert who can make his imagination work even as a person, start his life better by marrying love. It is difficult to get two people away from each other. Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

Prem Marriage Specialist:

According to old love marriage, expert Molvi Ji, love marriage has been an important issue. Many people in our public say that love marriage ruins their way of life. This is an important reason why Indian parents do not accept a love marriage. In fact, there is no couple who has not faced any problem in their love marriage. Many couples face this problem even after marriage. Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

Love Marriage Specialist Baba Ji combines two people. He learns how his love solutions can work admirably for a person. At the point when things never work positively for a person, no one can show them the right path except for the love problem solution. It becomes difficult for a person to understand how some simple remedies can make things for them. Parents sometimes provide support to their children for their love marriages, especially in interracial marriages. Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

Love Problem Solution:

Love marriage problem solution is the magic that is best for every person in every way. Individuals who have used it so far can undoubtedly deal with their problems. It works wonders for a person’s existence. Online love problem solution has helped the most extreme people. This problem actually exists, but one needs to understand that they seek the help of an expert while sitting idly. Such things can take your troubles away from you. Even if a parent or a family member or lover rejects interracial marriage, they certainly agree. The person then needs to consult him at the appropriate time. A man or a young woman can advise him to get the best results as soon as possible.

Online Kundli analysis to solve marriage problems

Do you know what is the importance of horoscope analysis in your life? If you are facing issues related to marriage then you can solve them through your Janam Kundali analysis. Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

What is a “horoscope”?

Janam Kundali is an astrological chart created using the date of birth and time of birth. By reciting Janam Kundali, one can prepare oneself for the upcoming future life and can also find solutions to their entire future problems. Online Kundli analysis to solve marriage problems

Solutions to the problem of late marriage by online horoscope predictions:

Many people face problems of late marriage and are unable to solve them due to not consulting the right astrologers at the right time. So if you are facing a similar problem then do not worry it may be due to the wrong planetary planets in your horoscope. Through reading our free horoscope for marriage, you can solve your late marriage problem. Some common reasons that lead you to a late marriage are listed below: Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

Due to financial problems

Not finding a compatible partner of your choice

Job / career not being established

Love partner is not interested in you

There are many reasons for this, but for every kind of problems, our astrologers have surefire solutions to solve them.

How helpful is free horoscope reading?

In free horoscope reading, our astrologers provide you the best solution to use many life problems regarding your horoscope as well as your life growth. Through reading the horoscope, we can detect various doshas and maha Dasha that are placed in our birth chart and have negative effects on them. There are various doshas (which are nothing but planets) found through horoscope reading, Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

Mangalik faults
Blessed condition
Pitra dosha
Release condition
Elf condition
Differential condition
Seven and a half condition
Rahu Dasha
Bhramari Yogini Dasha

Get a well-established life through online horoscope predictions:

Everyone wishes that he had a good life. To do this, they have to spend their time on their work or duty. Everyone has a different profession and they earn money from their profession. But to get the right path in the future, we need to take the right decision at the required time. So with the help of free horoscope predictions, you can take this right decision at the right time for your future. Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

By reading the horoscope you will remove all your worries, to do this you need to provide some information about yourself which are,

Your correct date of birth
Your place of birth
Your exact birth time
Share your problems with us now:
Know your future prediction with our free horoscope analysis. Never take wrong decisions in the most important situation of life. It can disrupt your whole life. Anything you have taken suddenly does not work properly. You should decide to go through your birth chart prediction data.

Mystical powers of love vashikaran and its effects

Gain knowledge by captivating experts that can change your relationship problems, discover the mystical powers of captivating Vashikaran is the power known for its specialty, the power to control people. There are many online captivating experts in India. In a relationship when a person is hurt by the behavior of others, it is important that you have to think about what are the main reasons that do this to your partner. According to Vashikaran, every problem has its own solution. Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

Overview of Vashikaran Techniques

Captivation is used to manipulate people to do as you wish. In Vashikaran, whenever someone tries to control someone, the main thing you have to think about is a real Vashikaran expert. Only an experienced expert can solve your problems.

According to the problem, there are many ways in captivating that can help you solve those problems. In vashikaran, mainly mantras, tantras and yantras are used to manipulate people. In these three processes, there are also several specific rules that you must follow to find a good result.

With the help of our Vashikaran services, everyone can know the rituals of Vashikaran and how to make them workable. Here you can also know what precautions you need to take in this process of captivating rituals. Worried about your marriage? Here is how love problem solution is helpful

Importance of love Vashikaran expert in real life

Nowadays people face many problems in their love life. Some problems can also separate them from each other. Some of the major problems of love life-

Understanding the problems in a couple
Issues of trust in a couple
Physical dissatisfaction
Money problem in relationship
Divorce problem
Issues of cheating on you by your partner
Every problem of life can be solved easily by our love caption expert in India. Here you can learn about Vashikaran ritual in detail and how it will work on your partner. Online Kundli analysis to solve marriage problems

Hidden Secrets of Vashikaran by Best Vashikaran Expert in India

At our service, we are providing you a powerful captivating expert. They can easily investigate the problem and solve them with their knowledge and experience. They can give you knowledge of captivating to improve your life. Mystical powers of love vashikaran and its effects

Everyone wants to live their life on their own, they want to control their life on their own. The power that will change your life in this situation is vashikaran. Here you can get free captivating experts in India.

Life is a harsh truth in this world and the power to change it is captivating. So talk to our expert now to control your life with your own hands Mystical powers of love vashikaran and its effects

Marriage prediction Get a compatible partner with a marriage horoscope

Unknown about moving towards the age of marriage and what to do and what not. With wedding prediction, get related details and lead a happy married life.

Nowadays, most marriages are getting worse and worse. What is the real reason for this separation? There was no word of premature divorce and separation. Marriage is a sacred knot between two persons. It should be run with love, respect, and loyalty. Without astrological counseling, marriages break up, and the whole family suffers. Learn more about wedding horoscope matching and lead a happy married life. Marriage prediction Get a compatible partner with a marriage horoscope

When and by whom will I get married?

If you are new to astrology, then you must be wondering what is the horoscope? Marriage horoscope from the date of birth is the basis of life. It is a chart that consists of houses and planets. These locations of planets and houses are according to the person’s date of birth and the position of the planets during the time.

To predict the age for marriage, the birth date prediction is used by the Venus planet and the 7th house location of the horoscope through the date of birth free online service. Apart from this, many numerical factors are also taken into consideration. For ages, we follow Indian marriage astrology. Nevertheless, due to lack of knowledge, people take quick steps and fall down. Marriage prediction Get a compatible partner with a marriage horoscope

Types of marriage by love marriage astrology

People are eager to know about their married life after marriage. With this, they want to know when I will marry the right one, the type of marriage, etc. Our Prem or Orange Marriage Prediction Service states that for all these questions some planets are suitable for love marriage. Conversely, some oranges are suitable for marriage.

Prediction of love marriage according to date of birth free online states that 5th house is responsible for love marriage and 7th house is responsible for an arranged marriage. Sometimes couples in love go to the wedding without any astrological view and fall into the trap. Planets like Venus, Rahu, and Ketu are responsible for love marriage. Planets like Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are responsible for an arranged marriage. Marriage prediction Get a compatible partner with a marriage horoscope

Gun matching strategy free with real wedding prediction

Eight codes or aspects are primarily taken into consideration for gun mingling. There are following aspects with the prediction of true marriage and how marriage is related to these aspects:

Characters: Spiritual compatibility between male and female partners. It also assesses the ego level.

Vasya: The degree of mutual attraction, dominance in marriage and compatibility within the couple is measured through the Vasya.
Tara: Relationship between the birth constellation with compatibility factor and fate. There are 27 constellations.
Yoni: It measures sexual compatibility, intimacy levels, and mutual love between couples. The vulva code is further divided into 14 animals.
Planetary Friendship: It represents mental compatibility, affection and natural friendship. It also explains the compatibility of the lunar sign between couples.
Gan: It describes behavior and nature.
Rashi: It represents emotional compatibility and love between partners. The position of the planets in the male birth chart is compared to the birth chart of the woman.
Nadi: It represents health and genes.
Our marriage prediction by date of birth report
Along with predicting the wedding from the date of birth report, you will get all the necessary details of the wedding. Some of the actual content is mentioned below:

When and to whom will you marry?
Type of marriage
Aspects of future partner
Solution to the problem of late marriage
Solutions to the problem
Compatibility factor
If you are divorced, predict the second marriage. Get the best prediction through astrology.
Pregnancy factor after marriage
For more information, contact our astrologers for the best predictions and lead a happy married life with Marriage Prediction Report.

100 % Love problem solution Get Trusted and Affordable online service

Looking for a love solution expert? Know how vashikaran can be used to regain lost love? Do not panic and do not lose hope, if you are facing any love-related problem, please consult our astrologer immediately. Call anytime from anywhere Our love solution astrologer is available 24 * 7 to solve the love problem.

Love is a very powerful energy and power. It makes our life beautiful and perfect as a source of energy. It is full of kindness, blessings. Love is a feeling that one person feels for other people. Nowadays the problem of love is very common in this world. It comes from small issues in our life, after that it turns into big issues, such as husband-wife problems, ex-boyfriend problems, etc. 100 % Love problem solution Get Trusted and Affordable online service

Love Solution Specialist Astrologer

Life issues are an image of spontaneity as it is a part of this human life. Problems in love relationships always accompany her, however, this does not mean that a relationship will always be covered with difficulty. These problems are only for the time being if you have to deal with them to maturity. True love of your partner is the solution to any problem of love that can create a safe and secure relationship.

Here you can get love problem solution from astrologer as we know that love is a deep feeling in one’s heart. We are human beings and also have a unique attachment to someone special. But finding true love is a very difficult task for everyone. Some people always try to win the hearts of people with special feelings. But most were unsuccessful at times. Finding a true loving person who loves you is a very difficult task. However, there are many possibilities of failure. So that time always comes in our mind that how to get true love in our life? Before finding a love solution, discuss how your body naturally affects your personal life. 100 % Love problem solution Get Trusted and Affordable online service

Love problem solution guru

When you love someone unilaterally but you will be afraid to propose to him / her. Does this make you weak or sad? Consult our love problem resolution expert, he will help you to attract your loved one towards him so that he too falls in love with you and gives you a happy love life. You can also find a solution to your post-marriage love problem with our love problem specialist. 100 % Love problem solution Get Trusted and Affordable online service

Problems that you can get solution from our love problem solution guru ji

Ex love back
Interracial love problem solution
Unilateral love problem solution
Breakup problem solution
Solution to the problem of extra marital affairs
Financial problem resolution etc.
Love problem solution expert baba ji
Love is a feeling that cannot be indescribable. It makes our life blissful and cheerful. When we are in a love affair with someone at that time, we are forced to give proper attention and care to that person. But due to misunderstandings in every relationship, there comes a time when both people have to face problems. Sometimes it is also due to the ill effects of planetary positions. At that time many couples were worried and always had in mind how to solve my love problem. 100 % Love problem solution Get Trusted and Affordable online service

When there is no option left for a love solution, then talk to Baba Ji, our love problem solution. He has many years of experience in astrology and its services. You can control your love mentally or physically by capturing it. He has many years of experience in this field to deal with these love problems. He will give you some spells which will help to get rid of all the negative energies. He will also give some free astrological advice and suggestions.

Why are love relationships getting weaker nowadays?

Many people are the ones who need to get back the lost love, they never know why their relationship gets weaker day by day. A few small and some big things really matter to the person who loves. Time, love, care, trust, and mutual understanding are some of the common things that every person needs to happen in their love life. But in today’s modern generation people are not able to give proper time to their lover.

This is the main reason why the other person feels deprived of love and care. Problems begin here and usually break down. Even sometimes there are a lot of differences between them which force them to never be together again. But this is not the solution to any problem. For this, an astrologer will have to get a free consultation. Love Problem Specialist Baba Ji Get Your Lost love back by Mantra

Consult our online love problem solution Baba Ji, he will suggest you to attract your loved one towards you so that he too falls in love with you and you will have a happy love life. You can also get love problem solution after marriage with our love problem resolution expert astrologer. 100 % Love problem solution Get Trusted and Affordable online service

Get Your Solution for Love-by-Love Problem Solving Astrologer

Love astrology is one of the most powerful methods that can solve any love problem immediately. But only the person who has deep knowledge of the solution to the love problem. A love problem solution astrologer is a person who has mastered all the methods of love astrology, you can control your love mentally or physically by doing the Vashikaran mantra on it. If you are facing a love issue due to some bad effects of planetary positions or the problem is inconsistent then consult our best love problem solution astrologer. They give some tips and mantras which will help to get rid of all the negative energies. 100 % Love problem solution Get Trusted and Affordable online service

Types of solutions you can get from a love problem resolution expert

A love solution expert can solve any type of love problem, no matter what the problem is or how big the problem is. But most people come to love the problem solution guru ji for such problems:

Unrequited love problem
Intercast love problem
Pre love problem
Boyfriend/girlfriend problem
Break up problem
Financial problem solution
Love- Marriage Problem.
Get back the lost love
If you have faced a problem in your love life, get the most adequate solution with our online love solutions or check the love compatibility between you and your future love partner!

Freely Get a solution to your lost lover, breakup, relationship & marriage problem on call. Get All Problem Solution, Astrology Remedy Expert, Free consulting, 24×7 support available. 100% Safe & Secure. 1000s of Satisfied Client35+ Yrs Experience.

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